The only way to make money on the internet

Τετάρτη, 28 Σεπτεμβρίου 2011

Ways to make money on the internet


19.000.000 members!!!!
Yes Nineteen million members.

Check all ptc's you can find add their members together
and you will never reach that number!!

My $150 In March 20th

My $90 Payment in February 1st

 Paid to click sites are a way to make money on the internet.
Need patience reading and obligation to your goals.
The best PTC is Neobux which has 3+ years and gives money instantly.
First you have to click 250 ads to join the forum.
There you can read and learn ways to manage and grow your account.
It pays 2 $ and every time you cashout add 1$ untill you reach 10.Payments are instant always.
I already earned $2000+
I had joined 2 years ago got the first 2$ and then stopped. If i knew the managing methods i do now i 'd probably have thousands by now... So dont be late register and see how money is made while doing anything you like on your computer!!
Real money comes with Referrals and with ugraded membership.
You can find Direct Referrals for lifetime or rent some and pay (to rent and maintain them)
I started some time ago and already earning about $5 per day (Still on my starters)
You can see my earnings grow every hour on the neobux banner in the top of the page
You can refresh the page from time to time and see my money grow more

Highest known amount earned on Neobux is 2500$ per month and if you visit payment proofs in the forum you will find about  $80.000 cashouts from one person.

Payments i received in my paypal account
(click the image to enlarge)

Also here is what i won from Adprize which is a method to earn more

If you want to join you can click the link below or neobux banner on the top of the page
Also i can help you here and give you tips on how to manage your account

Good Luck to the clickworld

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