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Seven common mistakes everyone makes about Neobux

Neobux The internet place i made my first $1500+ on the internet

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Hello everyone

People tend to loose money, time and great opportunities because of ignorance and other factors.
Those of you -us :)- who join or joined Neobux make common mistakes and loose the three things in our lifes that are the most important.
When you give time and money you expect to get more money and more free time in the future.
But you can easily loose both when you miss some very important spots that will finally give you what you  expect.

1. Join NOW!
You see Neobux and you think its another PTC.
Search for lets say 10 ptc's. Look at how many users they have. Some have 50.000 others 100.000 members
Now go to Neobux's first page and look how many join per day!!!
All day in Neobux are 15.000-35.000+ ONLINE members!!!
20.000.000+ members registered can give you much more than all other PTC's together.
Already paid $100.000.000 and always instantly
Also Neobux is already a company under Neodev Lda.

2  When you join start clicking ads untill you reach $2 -which is the minimum cashout- and then quit.
I did the same mistake in the past. Got my $2 and left. So i 'll put my self in and say that we are blind.
We look at the cents and miss the treasure behind it.
Referrals* are the most powerfull way to make money.
If you make $5 per month referrals can make you $2.500 per month

3. When your account starts to grow you start renting without knowing when to stop.
The worst mistake you can do and you may find yourself loosing instead of earning
Imaggine you you have a local store and 3 employees. They work really well and you manage to extend your store and get 20 more workers. You continue like that and in a little while you find yourself in a big mall with 500+ employees.
Do you know who works and makes you profit? There are many lazy people who just want their sallary.
Like that in Neobux when you start renting learn all the secrets first and then grow untill you can manage.

4. Recycling.
Thats a story you can write books about.
Who has to be recycled? Thats a personal decision but there are two rules that apply to everyone.
You must make profit and you must have Data about those you think must be recycled.
5-10 days is a minor amount of time to judje your RRs and decide if some must be recycled.
15 or better 21 days is the time you need to tell if your RR's clicking pattern is profitable for you
So just keep stats about your RRs and think before you recycle the "lazy" ones.

5. Cash outs.
You made $2 or $20 or $200. Are you sure that this amount will change something in your life?
If your answer is yes then go ahead.
The thing is as said before that many-and many means thousands maybe millions of members- cash out when they reach $2 instead of reinvesting it to grow more. This happens for some reasons such as ego, make sure that neobux is not a scam like many common ptcs, to show their friends that they got paid, etc...
If you reinvest small amounts of money you grow your account much faster.
Lets say you make $5 in 20 days by yourself.
170 RRs if you are golden can make $5 for you in a day. And its really easy to get there.
When you reach the desired amount then start cashing out. After that point you will be getting the money for ever.

6. Clicking
READ the Terms of Service
It says what you must do in order not to loose your account and money in it.
Simple things. Just read it and act according to it.
Also you must becarefull to click according to server time in order to get credited your RR's clicks.

7. Finally there are many ways to earn in Neobux.
You can earn by clicking ads, by clicking adprizes, by your Rented Referrals clicks, by your Direct Referrals clicks, by doing Mini Jobs, Neopoint offers, Neocoin offers, watching videos and finally by advertising.- advertising to 15000-35000 or more can give your business/eshop/blog/site traffic and potential buyers.

*Referrals are other people like you and me who join neobux. You can rent them to get paid from their clicks so they become Rented or those who join from you and they are the Direct -RRs and DRs-

You can ask here or in the forum everything you want.
Good luck in your true money making experience

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